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Full Version: [LW11]Speed (through water) and Wind speed not working, Wind angle and Depth are fine
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I installed a new Raymarine masthead wind transducer this spring and connected it to an existing ITC-5 and keep having strange symptoms:
- upon powering up the system wind speed works fine, but after a couple minutes it slowly drops to zero, sometimes increasing a bit, but never showing the correct speed anymore.
- Depth and water temperature are coming through fine, but through water speed isn't, it is always zero.

I have measured the voltages of the different wires of the masthead unit and they are all in good range.

I have disconnected all other components from the StNG backbone except the I70 display and the ITC-5, but the problems remain.

It seems odd to me that both wind speed and through water speed don't work and the rest does. Could this be the same issue?

Any suggestions to investigate further are much appreciated, would really like this to work.
Dear barhee,

Thank you for your post.

What version of software do you have on the iTC-5? you can view this in the network list on your chartplotter.

What are the status LEDs flashing on your iTC-5?

What transducer do you have for the depth and speed? Is it a tri-ducer?

Have you check the paddle wheel is free from fouling and spinning smoothly?

Are the cups on the wind transducer spinning freely?

Many Thanks
Dear Louise,

The software version is: 1.12.
The LEDS next to depth/speed and wind are blinking steadily, according to the manual this means that no speed signal is being received. I created a small video, will try to upload it.
The depth/speed/temp transducer is an Airmar Intelligent Tri 20-435-01.
Wind and waterspeed wheels are turning freely.

The strange thing is that it is also failing if I disconnect one of the transducers. It seems not to be an interference issue?

Dear barhee,

Thank you for the video.

Can you remove the shield (grey) from the speed terminals and put it on the ground of the depth terminals.

Then power cycle the system, this should resolve your issue. If it continues we can investigate further.

Many Thanks
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