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Full Version: [W11] ST60 reading 0.00 knots, but wind direction is fine
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Im after some help. My ST60 wind/close haul is showing direction, but generally 0.00 knots.
Occasionally is rises to 20 something knots and the drops slowly back down again to 0.00... It used to work. The paddles are spinning round.
I've cleaned and soldered all the joints at the bottom of the mast and reconnected the cables and seatalk on the back of the display. I've removed and installed another display, but it does the same thing.
Clearly it's looking like the mast head, but, i've read instructions on another 'moderator' post, and i have these values on the bottom of the mast.
Ground to Blue - 5.2v
Ground to Green - 2.0v - 3.4v varying
Ground to Red - 7.85v
Ground to Yellow - 2.8v
This is sort of in line with the moderators post, and to me suggests the mast head is relaying a signal back down, so is working...BUT its not.
I suppose, i just need a nudge to get up the mast, but don't want to if it's a wasted journey..

Any suggestions??
Dear neilgreenfield,

Can you confirm this is happening when viewing true and apparent wind speed?

Is this also the case when underway?

True wind speed require speed through the water data to enable the calculation, if this is not available or you are stationary it will show as 0 knots.

Many Thanks
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