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Full Version: [LW11] Ray70 VHF very slow when connected to antenna
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Dear all,

I'll tryto keep it short as possible, since it's giving me a headache and starting to begin like long soap on tv..

A month ago I bought a new sailing yacht and replaced an old working Shipmate RS8300. The horn was not in a good shape and I was able to get a good deal on a brand new raymarine Ray70.

Everything connected. But when programming MMSI and ATIS I noticed that entering the numers and menu were soo slow, I aborted the excercise and went back to ther dealer.

Initially they thought that the voltage was too low. hooked up on their Battery and all was programmed overthere.

I added a dedicated switch for VHF. directly to the battery (12V)

Installed everything back and connected the antenna, but again really slow, I can't even turn it off..

I tested again without antenna and then it works as it should.. I noticed some small oxidation on the coax, but not heavy.

It is getting stranger.

I hookup un the VHF antenna back on and also connected the Ray70 VHF to the Axiom 7 via seatalkNG. AIS is responding and I see all ships popping up from several miles away.
With the AXIOM 7 turned on, the VHF is responding fine, but when turning of the AXOIM MFD, the VHF menu is slow again..

I'm lost..

The Ray70 has the inital Software version 1.13

Any help would be very appreciated.
Good afternoon,

The first thing to perform is a software update on the Ray70 , these instrcutions and the software files are available online here.

Please get back in touch if this does not improve the issue.

Many Thanks
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