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Full Version: [LW11] Axiom Pro rvx to Airmar B164 20 degree 1KW
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I have recently upgraded my MFD to the Axiom Pro 12 rvx along with the 4kw HD Radome, RV 100 Realvision transom mount transducer, and the 1kw Airmar B164-20 d/t thruhull transducer. All are working except the Airmar 1 kw transducer. I am using a Raymarine A80496 adapter cable to connect the Airmar transducer to the 1 KW socket on the back of the Axiom. The axiom will not read or sense the 1 kw Airmar transducer. What am I doing wrong?

Regards - Eric
Dear eric peterson,

Thank you for your post.

Can you confirm the software revision you have installed in the Axiom Pro RVX. HOMESCREEN > SETTINGS - under the Axiom Pro description you will find your revision of software.

The 1kw Airmar B164-20 describes a family of transducers, can you confirm the Raymarine part number or what the transducer was previously connected to?

Many Thanks
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