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Full Version: [CA11] 6 digit Password for new electronics
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With all the theft going on with new electronics, would be a nice feature to have a 6 digit password to start up the MFD's. If units get stolen, it would be deemed useless without a password.
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I'm just here to show my support for this idea, and imo its not enough to just have a pin to start the device, as software can any time be reset to factory settings and then would start up with no problems, it should be a hardware bond pin like mmsi in the marine radios that can only be reset by the manufacturer or in case with right proofs though a special code. and it should work through the entire installed compatible system (have the same hardware code for all compatible device and be unlocked through the mdf). As a theft deterrent, I would like to be able to lock all of them through the axiom so the rest of the modules would not fuction without reinstalling the mdf and entering the pin. I know this is not a small work, but it would so much improve the security and through that the desirability of these products I think it would be worth the efforts.
Another factor involved, as Raymarine products are becoming more desirable, never mind summer months when marina's are closed, but you are seeing more, and more thefts during the winter storage months.
Mfd's are becoming very expensive, and should have some type of password, which if it is stolen, will deem the MFD useless.
Or, with built in GPS sensors, allowing it to be tracked down just like a cell phone.
I know that I will be adding to what has already been said, but I must absolutely agree with adding a security pin at a minimum. I recently purchased two axiom pro units and here are my thoughts:

1- Tho I knew the private seller is reputable, it would give some assurance to future buyers if the seller was able to verify it is their property to sell having the security pin

2- I have not installed these on my boat as of yet, because I trying to fabricate a cover that wouldn't look obvious to theifes. Half my battle is feeling comfortable even having such expensive equipment in plain site knowing that there is no security measures that any thief is aware of to deter them.

If a cell phone running Android could have a pin, then something costing 4x that amount should without a doubt have it a minimum.

From Raymarine's point of things, just think of how more desirable these units would be. If I had a choice of buying an MFD that was similar in price and performance, but one had an added security measure, I would without a doubt pick the one with the security measure.

I really do hope that this moves up the chains as I think it would be a great benefit to both the seller and consumer. Raymarine has come a long way in recent years and I think all of us that own Raymarine equipment just want to see it continue.

Happy New Year to everyone!
Also, there's a Facebook page on marine GPS theft. They want people to join to stop this, and post what and where it was stolen. This would be a great selling point for Raymarine to sell more of there products.
1 of the pictures on there post is showing a Raymarine display being stolen.
I hope I'm not being a bother with this, but wanted to follow up and see if this request has possibly moved up the chains so to speak? My friend recently did an update on his MFD, another brand, and he now has the ability to lock out the unit with a security pin. People on multiple boating forums are freaking out about not having this ability. Thank you again
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