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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom Wifi Conflict
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I was staying at a marina for the past week that had a public WiFi. We received a password and connected our laptop.

I proceeded to connect my Axiom 9 as always to run a couple of the built-in apps.

Once I connected I was given an error message that the WiFi access point's IP address conflicts with the Raymarine's network. Screenshot attached.

My Quantum radar is hard wired. I do not connect using it's WiFi so I am a bit confused why the error? I spoke briefly to the marina's dockmaster and was told no one has ever complained before and that this is my issue.

I scrolled though some of the setup screens to see if I could change the network on the Axiom and no luck.

Is there a solution to this that I can perform? We will be staying here again and we may also run into this conflict someplace else.


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum William,

The reported conflict would have no bearing on communications between Quantum / Quantum 2 radomes and Raymarine MFDs. However, the reported conflict with the marina's WiFi will block access to the Internet, preventing software updates via WiFi and use of Apps within the LightHouse 3 software which are dependent upon Internet access. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing and recommended workarounds for updating software and accessing the Internet.
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