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Full Version: [LW11] E80 not displaying GPS Status and not changing UTC time
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GPS antena Raystar 150 recently installed replacing a Raystar 125. New RS 150 installation includes a kit conversor SeaTalk to SeaTalk NG. New GPS cabling connected to existing SeaTalk network including 2x E80 MFD displays.

Everythink OK except for 2 issues:
a. The GPS Status page in the menu will not display GPS satellite status information, only HDOP.
b. The time displayed at Local Time window is always UTC even when I change summer or winter time hours at "Date & Time" page in the general adjustments menu.

Please advise what to do to solve a. and b.

Thank you, Alberto
Dear Gran Sol,

Thank you for your post.

As the GPS is being converted from STng to ST1 data, you will not see the satellites on your satellite status page as the E80s are repeating data from the seatalk1 network from the convertor.

When adjusting the time from your master E80 are performing the UTC offset? MENU>SYSTEM SETUP>DAT/ TIME SETUP> UTC offset - you can adjust the time offset here.

Many Thanks
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