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Full Version: [CA11] Fuel level not reading
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I know has been discussed multiple times but I need a little bit of dumbed down answer for someone that doesn't know all about electronics and networks. I have an A125 MFD that I have tried to add Maretron fuel level sensors to. I put a 5 way on and connected port and starboard tank sensors via transition cables from Nema 2000 to Seatalkng. I have read and reread the answers from Chuck but don't see or understand how to Assign instance numbers. I have gone through every setting option in my MFD and don't get anywhere. Do I need additional equipment to have these sensors read on my MFD?
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum crpalp1123,

Your Raymarine MFD is not designed to assign instance IDs. The manufacturer of the tank level sensor (in this case Maretron) should be contacted not only for information concerning how to configure the instance IDs of the tank level sensors, but also for information concerning how to calibrate them. The port tank level sensor should be configured with instance ID 0 and the starboard tank level sensor should be configured with instance ID 1. This may well require additional Maretron equipment. Alternatively, you may want to consider contacting a Certified Raymarine Installer to assist with the installation of the sensors.
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