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Full Version: [CA11] ACU 100 Possible Failure
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I have an ACU100 that does not appear to be outputting voltage/power to it's connected sail wheel drive. I am activating the autopilot through the P70 and have tried this in both Auto and Nav. After about a minute the autopilot head goes into alarm.

I gained access to the ACU100 terminal connections and measured input voltage and motor output voltage when the autopilot is activated. Input voltage is good but motor output is missing. I've checked the fuse and that appears to be fine.

Is there anything else I can check or does the unit need to be replaced/repaired? Thanks.

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Matt,

Should commanding +10/-10 while in Auto mode not have resulted in any voltage measured on the ACU's Motor terminals, then it would indeed indicate a failure of the ACU necessitating that it be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Thank you again Chuck.
You're welcome.
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