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Full Version: [LW11] ST1 STNG integration How many is to many ?.
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Need a little help to fully understand best way to integrate new to the boat hardware, into my old set up. Been reading forum posts and I am unsure how many ST1 is to many for it to work and how best to over come the/any issue.

Diagram shows proposed set up. I am aware that the ST1 StNG converter has limit to how many ST 1 units it can run effectively, 4?.

37ft sailing boat. 

So my question are.

Q1 How many ST1 units will the ST1 StNG converter run? 

Q2 How long can the run be in lenght ?

Q3 If more Converters are needed, which is the best place to add them into the loop. 

Q4 Alternative set up completely?

Q5. Any problems with the power supply on the diagram?

Q6. Any other points which will help make this work?

Any help or guidance is much appreciated 

I have sent a private message.
Hi David,
Further to our telecon, just isolate the red power in the Link to the St1 to STng converter and that will do the trick.
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