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Full Version: Quantum related Lighthouse v17 GUI bug report
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I have a quantum radar connected to an Es127 via both raynet through a switch and wifi. In the radar list a blank space appears at the top of the list, and the quantum below it. Selecting the blank space selects the quantum, selecting the quantum selects no radar.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ryearsley,

The concept of operation for a Quantum Radome is that one would either connect to it via Wi-Fi or via a Digital Radar Cable, but not both. The latter is producing two instances of the radome within the system resulting the problem reported. Should the MFD's Wi-Fi be temporarily switched OFF and then both the MFD and Quantum radome be switched OFF and then ON again, then the MFD should then see only the wired connection to the Quantum Radome. Selecting this option should then permit use of the Quantum radome from that point forward via the wired communications.

That said, a problem report will be logged to better address that fact that many Quantum Radomes will be interfaced via a Digital Radar Cable.
Thanks Chuck, thought might be something like that. From a consumer perspective I like the concept of a wireless radar, however as I was replacing a digital ray dome with a quantum with a Y cable, it made sense from both redundancy and corrosion perspective when hanging from my bosons chair to plug in the HS cable in addition to power to the quantum raydome. I'm guessing most other consumers would do the same, in which case particularly with an existing switch arrangement, being connected to an MFD both with HS and wifi is likely to be the normal use case. In fact it appeared (from memory) than even though I was intending to use the wired connection and 'experiment / monkey' with their new fangeland wifi radar stuff, the only way to set up the quantum according to the manual is via wifi pairing first, which I was kind of suprised by. So a feature suggestion that would make sense is to list both wired and wifi connections in the radar list and let the user decide once set up. Cheers, Rob
You're welcome.
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