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Full Version: [CA11] Spur cable extender
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Can I use the backbone extender adapter to extend a spur cable. I need to connect my spur cable to my nmea backbone, I cannot find a cable with a female seatalk ng conntor to male mnea, does one exist?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Gary,

Raymarine does not offer SeaTalkng Spur Cable Extenders which would support joining a pair of SeaTalkng Spur Cables. However, Raymarine offers the A06802 SeaTalkng (M) to DeviceNet (F) adapter which would permit a spur cable to be extended using third cable having DeviceNet plugs of the correct gender on each end. Please note that the maximum supported total length of a spur is 6m. Should the device be located more than 6m from a spur socket within the backbone, then the backbone must be extended in the direction of the device to be added.
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