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Full Version: [LW11] GPS signal to RAY54e VHF
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Have SPX10, ST70 Autopilot, e95 GPS, seatalk instrument, an RAY54e VHF, need GPS (NMEA to get GPS position to the VHF, where do i find on. The SPX10 has NMEA output, but not working with the VHF.
What to do?
Dear Toftsailor,

Thank you for your post - I have just replied to your previous post.

I recommend connecting the VHF directly to the e95. The e95 has an NMEA0183 output that you can connect to the NMEA0183 input on your Ray54e.

on the e95 go the the HOMESCREEN>SETUP>SYSTEM SETTINGS>NMEA SETUP> ENSURE PORT 1 is set to 4800 baud rate.

Connect the yellow NMEA0183 out + from the e95 to the yellow NMEA0183 in + on the Ray54e and connect the brown NMEA0183 out - from the e95 to the green NMEA0183 in - on the Ray54e. This should provide GPS data to your VHF.

Many Tahnks
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