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Full Version: [CA11] Auto Pilot-ST4000MK2 Wheel Drive
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Two years ago I had a clutch slippage issue with the wheel drive unit, I followed the instructions for adjusting the ckutch tension and things worked well for all last summer and until Aug 11 this year. While motoring at about 6 knots for about 1/2 hour, the clutch slipped out again. I re-engaged it and a few minutes later a loud pop and it slipped out again. Then the whole steering was seemingly restricted even with the clutch out and autopilot in standby.

Once we anchored, I tried to adjust the clutch tension as described in the manual and in the previous instructions, tried cleaning with fresh water and still had some stiffness in the steering. Once I returned to our home slip, I disassembled the wheel drive unit and found that the metal bracket stabilizing the clutch handle pivot axel and the clutch adjustment knob was not holding the axels in their respective holes. Further examination showed that the plastic screw post had broken and there was insufficient support for the pivot axels. Additionally, the black plastic clutch handle slips off the nylon cam leaving the clutch engaged and almost impossible to disengage. My first question is can you supply the parts to me too fix this or should I send it in for repair. Secondly, is there a clutch handle/nylon cam set with a set-screw that will prevent the handle from slipping on the cam?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Charlie,

Does your wheel drive feature a gray plastic case or a black plastic case?
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