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Full Version: [LW11] ST70 Directly Powered
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I have an ST70, A70D and a mix of Seatalk and NMEA.

I won't go into massive detail as it is complicated, so very simply, can I use one of the STNG sockets on the ST70 to power the STNG network or will this damage the ST70?

(There is power coming in from a number of other sources and everything is well protected. I just need to try a configuration change to iron out some NMEA issues.)
Dear garethreynolds,

Thank you for your email.

If a STng network is in place the ST70 usually gets a power supply directly from the backbone. The STng backbone requires its own independant 12v supply.

How are you currently powering the ST70? If you have a 12v power supply directly to the ST70, can you not use this to power the STng backbone and power the ST70 on a spur from the backbone?

Many Thanks

It's actually become moot as I have worked out that the A70D simply doesn't understand the DSE & DSC NMEA strings which is the problem I was trying to solve.

I was really wondering if there were any diodes/capacitors which would get damaged, but realising that the ST70 can be daisy chained, it would mean that this was impossible.

You are welcome.
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