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Full Version: [LW11] ST 6000 pilot
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I have an type 2 pilots with a 300 course computer and a ST6000 controller.
After switching on the pilot , the controller start as normal in standby but within a minute is says no Link and the clutch engage locking the steering .

I check the data cables to the computer and there don't seen to be any fault,
Removing the data cable from the controller and switching on the pilot still engage the clutch .
I disconnect all other instruments data cables and still the clutch engages and controller says no link .

By removing the clutch wires from the course computer the steering becomes free again .

I tested the clutch by putting 12v to it and it engage, removing the 12v and it disengage.

I tested the motor by connecting it to 12v and it works find , reverse the wires and it works the other .

Is there any other test I can do before replacing the course computer?

Any other suggestion?

Would a S3G course computer be compatible with my system?

Dear bluewatersailor,

The alarm message suggests there is likely an issue with the course computer, NO LINK usually indicates there is a communications issue between the control unit and the computer, the fact the clutch engages without selecting AUTO indicates a computer issue.

The outcomes of the other tests all verify this is the cause.

The S3G would be a good replacement – bear in mind that it too is a retired unit (retired some 10 years ago) and so spares are few and far between.

Many Thanks
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