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Full Version: cursor does not move with vessel symbol
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I have a C120 MFD. Cursor does not follow vessel symbol. I can move cursor to the symbol with the soft key "find ship" but the cursor remains stationary while symbol moves.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum captc36,

I suspect that you have configured the Chart application's motion mode (PRESENTATION->CHART MODE AND ORIENTATION->MOTION MODE) to a setting other than Relative Motion. It is recommended that this setting be re-configured to Relative Motion mode (RM).
I tried changing mode but RM and TM are grayed out. display indicates unit is in autorange.

It is recommended that you verify the Radar Sync (RESENTATION->CHART MODE AND ORIENTATION->RADAR SYNC) feature OFF. Doing so will then permit you to change the motion mode.
followed this recommendation but had to change page set to do it. I was using a custom page set. had to change to chart/radar/sonar set to make change. now chart and radar are set in RM. However I established two split screens, chart/sonar and chart/radar. in both cases chart is in auto range and cursor will not follow ship. these charts it will not allow me to move from AR to RM. radar screen is in RM

It is recommended that you ensure that the Chart view is configured to 2D in any of the affected Chart page/panes and then configure the Chart Synch feature to OFF within each of the MFD's Chart application pages/panes prior to changing the motion mode.
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