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Full Version: [JH11] a98 to Axiom upgrade NMEA 0183 AIS
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Hi - Just replaced my a98 with an Axiom 9. My NEMA 0183 AIS (CYPHO 1505) has 2 Xmit conductors and 2 Receive conductors that connected to the NMEA conductors in the power cable of the a98. How do I connect the AIS to the new Axom?

Hello kdrews,

Welcome to the forum. The a98 had NMEA 0183 on the unit but the Axiom 9 unit you purchased now fully networks through Seatalk NG/DeviceNet. From my research on your CYPHO 150S unit it does not have NMEA 2000 on the device and it will need to be converted to make it talk to the Axiom unit.

The company that manufactures the CYPHO also produces an adapter called the NK-80 there is also another company called Actisense that produces one called and NGW-1-ISO-AIS.

With either of these devices you will need to have a properly built Seatalk NG/Devicenet network for them to function is you do not already have one.

Best Regards

I also have been trying to connect an 0183 to an Axiom 7. I have used an NK-80 and have a name 2000 network but get nothing on the Axion so not sure the NK-80 is the answer?

Have you used the Altek configuration tool to change the Baud rate that the unit is able to read from the default 4800 to 38400 Baud? The configuration software can be found on their website at this Link

Best Regards
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