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Full Version: [LW11] SPX-5 fuse blows when steering wheel fully turned
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Situation description:
- SPX-5 autopilot
- ST6001 instrument, connected to SeatalkNG convertor, in it's turn connected to backbone
- ST6001 data wire runs through compartment underneath steering wheel pedestal, which also contains rudder quadrant
- situation occurs when autopilot NOT engaged but in standby
- situation: when steering wheel is fully turned to it's limit, ST6001 first indicates "seatalk error", then after a second or two, 2A fuse situated in SPX-5 course computer unit blows. I'm quite sure this happens when turning to starbord, not clear if it also happens when turning portside. Probably it does, but I haven't paid attention, nor tried.

Q: what are potential causes for this situation?
Dear capglider,

Thank you for your post.

This sounds like you have a data cable shorting somewhere on your installation. Please check thoroughly all of your cabling throughout the vessel, looking for any breaks, damage to the sheath, corrosion and bare ends touching other metal areas or bare wires.

Especially look around the moving parts to ensure no cables are getting caught.

Many Thanks
Will do & keep you posted
You are welcome.
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