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Full Version: Upgraded Ray70 Software
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I upgraded my Raymarine E7D to the latest version, and when I did that I connected it to Wifi. All was good, I then had the MFD check for updates online and it said it needed to upgrade my Ray70, and it said it's successful.

All was good.

When I took the boat out yesterday, the RayMic would power on but the screen never got past it being all "blocked". The keypad lite up, but again the RayMic just sat there and never got to the screen where it showed the Latitude/Longitude and Channel nor did it work.

This all seemed to happen after the software upgrade via online through the MFD (which BTW, is an awesome feature!). Is there anything I can try to force the RayMic to function again? If needed, I can take a picture of the RayMic so it can be seen.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum dlucas10,

Please click here to view the FAQ addressing how to verify the version of software installed within each Raymarine product. When the Ray70 is listed, please verify that the Select Device list indicates that it has been updated with v1.12 software. If so, have you cycled power OFF and then ON again?

Yes, I have powered off the Base Unit as well as the RayMic. Same results.

I've tried to pull the extension cable and reseat it, and made no improvement.

I attached a picture of what the RayMic looks like when you power it on.


Please refer to the FAQ referenced within the prior response. Using the Show All feature within the Select Device List dialog will provide an expanded list of information for the interfaced Raymarine products ... do this. Verify that the Ray70's software was reported as v1.24 and handset as vH1.04? If not, try updating the Ray70's and RayMic's (handset) software again via the download and instructions found here.
I will try that and report back the results. Thanks again.

You're welcome.

I finally got up to the marina to try this out.

What I found was somehow the Ray70 got upgraded to 1.28. I then proceeded to downgrade it to 1.24 and the RayMic started up and went to its normal screen.

I remember when it upgraded it was "via Internet" on the MFD, not sure if 1.28 got slipped out?

Anyways, it's working now!


Thanks for the update. The v1.28 software appeared to have been incorrectly posted. The software update for this product now correctly permits v1.24 software to be downloaded.
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