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Full Version: [CA11] S3g with Axiom Pro 12S
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I have S3g autopilot control with P70s connected to Axiom Pro 12 s
I can see heading on both the Axiom and P70s however, when I'm at the Axiom setting Autopilot, there is no response from the Axiom to the S3g, when I'm using the GOTO function it is not following track, I have tried to set a track follow track it is not doing it, within few min I get the oftrack alarm. telling me Im off by alot. I have tried to follow the track manualy, meaning when I'm heading to target 125 deg. I manually set the P70s to 125 degrees, its not doing that as well.
When I purchased the Axiom pro12s I was told that it is compatible with the S3g autopilot control, the S3g is connected to the seatalk ng via converter, wiring is all done correctly. i see heading on screen but i don't follow track, any solution?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum oricohen,

Contrary to what you may have understood, the Autopilot Controls feature of LightHouse 3 software requires that this system be interfaced to an Evolution Autopilot. This does not mean that one would be unable to use the autopilot's track feature if the system features an older autopilot design. It simply means that the autopilot control head rather than the MFD would be used to engage Track mode. Similarly, the autopilot's control head would need to be used to engage Auto, Standby, and to configure the autopilot's settings. The function of a MFD in such a system would be to provide the autopilot with navigational data associate with a Go To Waypoint / Cursor command or Follow Route command. Additionally, when a p70/p70R/p70S/p70RS autopilot control head is used with any model of autopilot control head other than an Evolution autopilot or SPX autopilot, the p70/p70R/p70S/p70RS autopilot control head must be interface to the SeaTalk port of the autopilot course computer ... not to a spur socket within the backbone. When installed in the manner specified, the system featuring an operational autopilot will support being configured via the p70/p70R/p70S/p70RS autopilot control head as well as support steering to a locked heading (AUTO), navigating to a waypoint / cursor position, or following a route (Track mode).

Should the system be installed in the manner specified above and the system not perform correctly when commanded into Auto mode, then it would typically indicate a problem with the autopilot itself, necessitating the associated troubleshooting.
Thank you for the reply,
The P70s is connected the way you described into the S3g seatalk port via converter seatalk seatalk ng . the P70s does operate the S3g course controller, in a way that it will keep course, it will add and subtract 1-10 degrees plus and minus, but it is not following the Axiom MFD. if this is the only this this can do I will have to replace the S3g with an evolution, apparently I have received to many different answers from customer service, the bottom line, S3g doesn't follow the Axiom P70s just turn in Auto stby
what do you recommend?

To be clear, a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter is NOT to be used in connecting the autopilot control head to the S3G. Instead, the p70S will be connected directly to one of the S3G's SeaTalk ports via a a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Adapter Cable. You will know whether you have interfaced the p70S to the S3G correctly if you are able to access the S3G's configuration setting (ex. compass calibration, compass alignment, etc.). The SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter on the other hand will be used to connect the S3G to the Axiom MFD. Care should be taken to ensure that the p70S and SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter have each been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software updates.
Thank you, Is there a diagram that I can use, I have connected the seatlkng to seatalk converter the way I was told before, without the power to the S3g only two wires
if you can send a diagram I will follow it.

Unfortunately, we don't have the bandwidth to produce custom diagrams. However, should you create one and attach it to this thread, then we may be able to comment on it. If submitting a diagram, please ensure that all marine electronics products which are part of your system have been included within your diagram. Please additionally pay heed to the other items specified within my last response.
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