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Full Version: [CA11] Short Cables
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I am going to install an ev200 auto pilot and get rid of most maybe all 0183 stuff. I am going to install the acu and ev2 in a different location from the rest of the electronics. I want to run a back bone to them and use a terminator to spur connector to one and a tee spur right behind it. IS there a connector to connect the two spur connectors or a very short backbone cable to go between them? Shortest I see is 15 inches. I hate a bunch of coiled extra wire around.
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While it is possible to use an A06033 400mm SeaTalkng Backbone Cable for this purpose, it would typically be recommended that you forgo the SeaTalkng Inline Terminator and SeaTalkng T-Piece and instead install an A06064 SeaTalkng 5-Way Connector in place of these components. The SeaTalkng 5-Way Connector will accommodate both spur cables (with one additional to spare) and a SeaTalkng Termination Plug will be inserted into it's remaining backbone (blue) socket. The remaining spur (white) socket of the SeaTalkng 5-Way Connector may be sealed with an A06032 SeaTalkng Blanking Plug.
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