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Full Version: [CA11] Remanufactured Quantum Q24C does nothing when powered up
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I've had a remanufactured Quantum Q24C 18", purchased from Flir, sitting under a bunk for a year. This week I started preparation to install the unit, replacing an older Raymarine analog radar.

However, powering the unit up in my saloon (positive 12V and negative ground) the unit does absolutely nothing. If I'm not mistaken I should be seeing a WiFi network with SSID Quantum_xxxxxxx, yet there is no WiFi network like that.

I am planning on a setup with a WiFi connection between the Q24C and my ES98 chart plotter.

Anything else I should be doing to power this on? PS: after using a powerprobe to inject per I tried jumper leads from the house bank as well. Nothing.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rudy,

Please verify that the MFD's have been updated with LightHouse II v19.03 or LightHouse 3 v3.10.42 software and if not, update their software accordingly. Connecting to the Quantum radome with smartphone is not advised as a test of the radome. While the Quantum radome may be powered via its power cable, which in turn has been connected to 12 or 24VDC power circuit, it would then be recommended the one then attempt to pair the MFD to the Quantum radome via the MFD's user interface (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SETTINGS->EXTERNAL DEVICES->QUANTUM RADAR->PAIR WITH QUANTUM RADAR). Please note that the radome may go into sleep mode if no communications occurs with the MFD or communications is interrupted with the MFD for more than 10 minutes. If so, simply remove power from the Quantum radome for a few seconds and then attempt to pair the products again.
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