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Full Version: Adapter plate from a C80 to Axiom 7?
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I searched for the available adapter plates, I only see one from the C80 to Axiom 9.

Is there one for the Axiom 7? If not what material is best to make one from?

Thanks for any info.
Hello wjj,

We do an adaptor plate to fit Axiom7 into an e7/e7D cutout, but not to C70 or C80 because the size difference is so large (the old displays have so much more grey plastic around the outside for a similar screen-size.)

Something like acrylic would make a good adaptor plate material, but if you want to use the internal GPS in the Axiom then make sure you don't use anything metallic or carbon which will block the reception of the internal antenna which is recessed quite far back in the Axiom's housing.

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