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Full Version: [CA11] ST60 depth transducer connection to iTC5
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I installed an iTC5 converter to use my existing ST60 depth, wind, speed transducers in a new Seatalkng network. Initially the depth was working only intermittently, then not all. It just showed dashes on the new i70s instrument. I replaced the old spade connectors on the depth transducer wires and reconnected them to the iTC5. After a bit of plugging and unplugging, I realized the depth works fine if I plug in only the blue and black wires. Once I plug in the "screen" wire, the LED in the iTC5 depth panel flashes and the instrument reads only dashes. Unplugging the "screen" wire and everything is fine again. It seems I can just use it with only the blue and black wires, but am I missing something? What does the "screen" wire do? It seems to only cause problems, but it must have a useful purpose. Am I OK to just use blue and black wires only?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ddoles,

The reported symptom is not uncommon and there will be no harm or performance degradation which will result from leaving the screen lead disconnected from the corresponding terminal of the iTC-5.
Thanks, this is what I was hoping to hear.
You're welcome.
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