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Full Version: [CA11] Auto pilot
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I have a 38’ Trojan, with twin 454’s. I would like to add auto pilot that can be controlled through my Es78 MFD.

Hydronautic steering uses 12.1 cubic inches full stroke.

Can I just get:
M81120 pump
ACU 150
And EV sensor? ( what one)


Anything else I will need?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bigbeam,

Should the vessel have a single 12.1 cu. in. steering ram and should the vessel feature a 12VDC power distribution system, then the T70330 EV-150 Hydraulic autopilot system would be recommended for this application. An additional spur socket will need to be added to the powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone which will interface the autopilot components to one another. The eS78 MFD will then be interfaced via an appropriate length of SeaTalkng Spur Cable to the this same backbone by connecting it to the added spur socket.
Ok, however, T70030 kit comes with a control head which I dont need being I have a compatible MFD already. So Im buying a part I do not need. Or am I missing something here? Better to then just buy the individual parts of the kit minus the control head?

For systems featuring a MFD running LHII software or LH3 software an featuring an Evolution autopilot, an autopilot control head is not required unless the vessel is a sailing vessel and seeking to exercise the autopilot's wind vane mode. While not required and it may permit cost savings, it is generally considered to be a best installation practice to install an autopilot control head at each steering station to permit the quickest access to an autopilot's controls. Also and has you have seen the Evolution autopilot components are bundled into packages including a control head which may ultimately negate any retail savings expected through separately purchasing the autopilot components.
Ok thanks Chuck.
You're welcome.
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