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Full Version: [DG11] Wind speed showing boat speed
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I have a ST60+, software version 7.03, boat speed and depth are working fine but wind speed and wind direction are not working. Wind speed is showing 0.00 at anchor (with wind) and shows exactly the same figure as boat speed when sailing or motoring (under true wind setting). Wind direction doesn't reflect reality, mainly showing straight in the 60° range even when the wind is from behind.
Both wind direction and speed sometimes work, but very rarely, when it does it's for a few seconds and then wind speed will drop slowly to 0 again.
I purchased a new wind transducer after it's been tested by a raymarine agent who said it was faulty. Turns out that the new wind transducer didn't solve the problem.
Tested voltage behind the display: red 7.94 / green 5.0-5.5 / blue 2.2-3.5 / yellow 2.5-3.0 all in the range apart the red which just below 8.0. Is that ok? I have tested on the conection at the base of the mast and have the same figures. But haven't tested the voltage at the top of the mast.
I mounted the display on a friends boat and it works fine. I have redone all connection behind display and base of mast. I checked the dealer calibration settings, all good, wind factor is set to 0.7.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Max,

The fact the wind speed shows the same as boat speed when in TRUE mode indicates that the display is not receiving any wind information from it's transducer and is therefore only receiving boat speed through SeaTalk.

The voltage on the green to screen is slightly high, but given your tests are unclear as to the source of the problem, the next step would be to remove the masthead transducer, make a short cable tail with spade connectors on one end - to plug into the back of the wind display and a 5 pin DIN plug the other end into which the masthead transducer can be plugged. the relevant pin connections are shown here.
Using this short cable will help identify the issue, either the masthead unit, the mast cable, the cable through the boat or the display which may have an intermittent connection problem.
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