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Full Version: [CA11] Autopilot drive selection
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We have an EV400 autopilot (sail), and an old(er) linear hydraulic drive - it has no manufacturer's name on it. It's sprung a leak, and our hydraulic shop is having trouble curing this leak, even after ordering custom seals. So, before throwing more money at an old unit, we'd like to look at the alternatives.

We have a Macintosh 47 sailboat, performance cruiser, tips the scales at around 38,000lbs. Design displacement is 30,500 lbs. We have a cable/wire steering system, and a separate tiller for the autopilot, so the quadrant is not affected directly. Our current unit is installed on a heavily reinforced bulkhead that is vertical, and runs fore and aft. That would be our preferred installation spot. The current drive has a 9" throw, with it running from 21-1/2" to 30-1/2" from the base. We are 12v.

So, the question is, what unit do we replace it with?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bill,

The weight and power distribution system of this boat would call for the installation of an E12207 Type 2 Hydraulic Linear Drive.
Thanks, Chuck, that's the one I hoped would work. I was hoping I didn't have to go up to the Type 3.

Many thanks for your help, now multiple times. This is the only "holdout" on our boat instruments that is NOT new Raymarine!
You're welcome
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