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Full Version: [CA11] Power supplied to S2 course computer
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I am curious about the proper power supply to the S2 course computer.
I have the installation manual, "SmartPilot Series Commissioning Guide".
In this guide, on page 5, under cable length, for distribution panel to SmartPilot computer, is given a confusing list of numbers. I don't get it.
I have a 12 volt, type 1, linear drive. The distance from the distribution panel to the computer is approximately 15 feet one way. It is currently served by a 30 amp circuit breaker with 10 gauge wire to the computer. The wire from the computer to the drive unit is 12 gauge running approximately 10 feet.
Does this seem to be adequate, or should this be upgraded?
I have not experienced any problems with this arrangement but I don't want to be causing a problem from inadequate wiring.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ghivancich,

Q. Does this seem to be adequate, or should this be upgraded?
A. The wire gauges which you have specified should indeed be adequate for the distances which you have specified.
Thank you very much. I can now sleep at night once again.
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