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Raymarine forum - [CA11] Erasing AIS DATA on old VHF Radio, and AIS Box.

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Full Version: [CA11] Erasing AIS DATA on old VHF Radio, and AIS Box.
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Just sold my ray218, and AIS 650.
How do I remove my old mmsi # from both the AIS650, and the VHF radio Ray218?
I did purchase a New AIS 700, and new VHF radio which the authorized electronics installer has set up for me.
Buyer is ready to install my old Raymarine products, and just want it all set-up accordingly.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Fish On,

FCC regulations restrict clearing of MMSIs within marine electronics to FCC licensed electronics technicians, repair centers, and installers. That said, most dealers, installer, and electronics technicians are not equipped to reset the MMSI within the Ray218 VHF radios. It is recommended that the VHF radio and AIS transceiver be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center. to have their MMSI, static data, etc. cleared. That said, most purchasers of second second hand VHF radios or AIS transceivers will take it upon themselves to arrange for the MMSI to be cleared and in the case of an AIS transceiver for a new MMSI (and static data while they are at it) to be entered into the equipment. As indicated above, this may be performed via Raymarine's Product Repair Center.
As always chuck, ur the best!
Ty sir!
You're welcome.
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