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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom 9 downloading update but it is not installing
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Good Evening,

Installed my new Axiom 9” RV and after completed the boat installation and powering up we needed to make and update (1.1 GB). Connected to House WiFi and downloaded without Any problem but after download is completed the screen shows a message stating that the update was not able to install. Already tried several time with same outcome. Can someone help?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum KTACO,

Please note that a microSD memory card having at least 4GB of free memory must be present within the reader of Axiom (not Axiom Pro or Axiom XL) MFDs when the Axiom MFD(s) are being updated remotely or via WiFi. It is recommended that the microSD memory card be formatted (via a computer) with a NTFS file system prior to using it with the MFD.
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