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Full Version: [LW11] P70 will not communicate with gnx series
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Everything is up to date with latest firmware ...

I have the Ev-200 kit running fine the latest year, added Garmin gnx wind and 2 gnx 20 and a gmi 20, here's the strange part, P70 can see the gmi 20, but not the gnx wind/20, an old gpsmap 4010 piggyback connected to the P70 sees everything.

To rule out any network issues I disconnected all garmin backbones and just added the gnx wind with raymarines A06045 NG-nmea2000 adapter cable directly to the hub with the P70 connected to it, everything is properly terminated and powered from the acu200, same result ...

I can get a glimpse of it if I do like this, go to diagnose in the P70, restart the gnx and run diagnose, then it will show up, but if I back out and run it again 10 seconds later it is gone, it's like they decide not to talk to each other ...

I've noticed one thing, the settings in the P70 stays after a factory reset, it restarts and lets me do the setup wizard but settings is not changes to anything default
Dear sir,

Does the p70 communicate correctly with all other equipment on the STng/ NMEA2000 backbone? If yes, then suspect there is an issue with the gnxwind/20 and this should be taken up with Garmin, possibly it is not correctly registering/ responding to the system roll call when the system is first powered up?.

Please can you clarify the reset issue with the EV200? Can you describe the reset process and the setting changes that you expect to see?
Yes the p70 has no problems with any other device, gets gps info fine from garmin gps 17x ...

The reset issue is with the P70, the unit restarts and then I get to do the wizard again, but every setting I've done earlier is still there, it's not a reset att all, it is just like doing the start up wizard manually ...

Yes Garmin is contacted to ...
HI Robin,

With regards to the track keeping issue, if the previous advise relating to manual selection of variation does not help, then please refer here for further advice.

Should a third party chartplotting product not be able to supply navigational data in support of an Evolution autopilot (updated with the latest available software), then it would be recommended that the NMEA 0183 output of the third party chartplotting products be interfaced to an Actisense NGW-1-ISO-STNG NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 data bridge, which in turn has been interfaced to the autopilot's powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone, this eliminates any issues with corrupted NMEA2000 data strings being input to STng.

There are two factory resets, one is just the p70 and so will not reset any of the main pilot calibration - this is the one I suspect you are referring to. the other reset is PILOT FACTORY RESET, this is in the COMMISSIONING menu and will reset all values.


The communication problem between Garmin gnx series and the P70 is now confirmed by Raymarine/Flir in Sweden, I'll guess it's Garmins turn to take action now, I'm happy that there seams to be nothing wrong with my setup ...

Please ask if you want any contact to the Swedish branch ...
Thank you

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