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Full Version: Seatalk joytsick with EVO
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Does anyone have this working? Ideally I would like a FFU lever like ComNav and Simrad, but the Seatalk joystick can be operated in "proportional" mode (though it is spring-loaded and cannot be "set" to a correction and left there) and it appears to be supported with EVO autopilots via the Seatalk-SeatalkNG converter.

On the old Raymarine forum it was mentioned that the joystick was out of production, and there was also mentioned that this wasn't suggested anyway, but I know that there are others (e.g. on the Trawler Forum) who desire a hardware steering control.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Keith,

Unfortunately, Raymarine joystick is not supported and correspondingly not recommended for use with an Evolution autopilot. A feature request has been logged to consider addition of support for this and/or a joystick supporting SeaTalkng communications protocol.

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