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Full Version: [TG11] New P79 Transducer and St60
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I am currently in Lombok and have unsuccessfully so far tried to connect my new P79 thru hull transducer to the old st60 display.

The ST60 display is getting power and shows Metres(word) and 3 dashes. i have tried with the P79 over the side and in a plastic bag thru hull.

I have also just successfully installed a garmin transom transducer in epoxy in almost same place. works beautifully with the GPS display.

What steps do you recommend next. is there a way to test the P79 or the display unit itself?
Hello Tropi,

The simplest explanation is that the ST60 is in Repeater mode so is only looking for depth data on Seatalk rather than from its own transducer. The method to switch between master and repeater mode is via the Intermediate Calibration setup described in the owner's manual which you can download from https://raymarine.app.box.com/s/w7dp1h5h...1517638771.

If it's not that, the implication from your test over the side is that there's a fault with either the display or transducer, but there's no reliable way to tell which with simple tools such as a multimeter. We use an impedance analyser for transducers and an oscilloscope or EDI test set for the display, but usually testing-by-replacement is simpler on this level of product.

By the way, for anyone else reading this, we *strongly* recommend not gluing transducers in-hull. I'm glad to hear it appears to have worked this time but poor performance or failed products (non-immersion lowers transducer impedance, which increases current flow and blows up transducers and sounder drive FETs) are common results. Transducers should never be run dry. High-powered transducers run dry can suffer or cause damage in minutes.

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