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Full Version: [CA11] Upgrade ST7000 Control Head
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I have an ST7000 Type I set up that still works. The control head is large. Is there a compatible control head that I can use to replace the current one?
The new control heads take up much less real estate on my dashboard than the original ST7000.

If no, what is the Evolution replacement solution for a power boat with Type I hydraulic reversible pump?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tcollins2,

While the ST6xxx/ST7xxx/ST8xxx autopilot control heads may often be replaced with p70S/p70RS/p70/p70R autopilot control heads, the answer to the compatibility question is dependent upon the model of autopilot course computer which is presently installed onboard the vessel. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
How do I determine what course computer I have? New boat to me. It's about 3 inches wide, and about 14 inches long. It has what appears to be 4 large plastic "buttons" on the top of it. Buttons don't look functional. There is no documentation with the survey. But the instruction manual shows it tagged as a Z083 -12V. Is that enough to determine what it is? It looks like this.

The pictured autopilot course computer is from the late 80's and is not among those which the p70S/p70RS/p70/p70R autopilot control heads may be used with. For vessels having a hydraulic steering system and should the cubic capacity of the steer ram be within the range supported by a Type 1 Hydraulic Pump (80cc – 230cc (4.9in3–14in3)), then a T70407 EV-150 Power Core Pack ( for 12VDC power distribution systems) or T70156 EV-200 Power Evolution Autopilot (for 12VDC or 24VDC power distribution systems) would be recommended.
80's!!!! A tip of the hat to your quality! Still working!
You're welcome.
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