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Dose the search even work on this site. I have been trying to find a thread that I started but can't get any results. This site returns the same message no matter how II search from my user name to key words. always the same message "No results found" Why can't I find my own post?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tookalook1,

The Search feature within this forum will only return result from approved threads and posts. All submitted threads and posts are moderated prior to becoming publicly viewable. Please click here to to view a FAQ addressing moderation of Raymarine's Forum. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how one may quickly access one's submitted threads and posts. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how searches of FAQs may be performed within this Forum. This FAQ also addresses how searches may be expanded to include all threads and posts by removing the check from the "Search FAQ only" checkbox within the Forum's Search web page.
Thank you
You're welcome.
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