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Full Version: [LW11] RTSP stream URL for CAM210IP/220IP
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Hi forum,

In the manual for the CAM210IP (and 220IP) the network interface for RTSP is listed as port 554. However, unlike other FLIR cameras, the directory/path for which the video feed is served is not listed.

Typically it would be something like (see: https://www.flir.com/support-center/Inst...nd-record/)

But there is no documentation available for what should come after 554/

I am able to "connect" using the following:
rtsp://ip:554/ and rtsp://ip
but there is feed available.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,

I have sent you a private message.

Many Thanks
I have the same question, any guidance about what an RTSP stream URL looks like from a CAM220IP?
I have responded to your email you sent to your support inbox.

Many Thanks
I have the same question for my new CAM220IP
Private message sent.
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