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Full Version: [DG11] Autohelm
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I just updated the Lighthouse software to the latest version. When I start the autohelm (EVO-1) it immediately turns off the course. Is there some setting I have missed when I recommissioned it?
Hi Boz13,
Thank you for your enquiry,

If you updated the EV pilot too, then it is likely you have not recommissioned the autopilot.

Simply turn the steering wheel to Starboard, which way does the rudder angle indicator on the p70 go? If it shows PORT, then the rudder reference unit is hardwired incorrectly, power down and then swap the RED and GREEN wires for the rudder reference unit what it is connected to the ACU.

If the rudder indication is correct, ie it shows red for port wheel turns and green for STARBAORD wheel turns - then the rudder reference is correctly connected.

Then Select AUTO and select +10 course change, the rudder should move in the direction required to turn the boat to STARBOARD, similarly -10 should initiate a course change to PORT .


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