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Full Version: [CA11] Flir Camera and Lighthouse 3 software
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I have been struggling to get my Flir N237BE PoE camera to connect to my Axiom system consisting of Axiom 16 RVX Pro, Axiom 12 and Axiom 7. My master display, the Axiom 16, would not recognize the camera nor would the axiom 7. I have finally been able to have the camera recognized by the Axiom 12. I can view the camera on the Axiom 12 but the other two units just show a back screen. The only difference is the software. Axiom 12 is 3.9x and the other two are the most current 3.10x.

Is my issue that the new software does not recognize the camera? if so how can i revert the other two units to 3.9x software? All the new features of the 3.10 software are not relevant to me anyways.
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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Unfortunately, the subject security camera (it is actually a LOREX product ... company spun off) is not supported for use with Raymarine products. Accordingly, I would not be able to provide any guidance beyond that which is indicated within the referenced FAQ. I'll see if I can locate a link to the LH3 v3.9.46 software update.
thank you for the reply and please bare with me, I have been giving myself a quick crash course in IP cameras and protocol. My question then is what makes Raymarine's IP cameras different than a Lorex/Flir branded camera?

For cameras meeting the other specifications identified within the referenced FAQ, the most common cause for incompatibility is failure to meet the requirement for ONVIF User Authentication to be disabled. Many IP cameras and encoders will revert to ONVIF User Authentication with each power cycle.
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