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Full Version: [CA11] Software update
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If I have multiple p/n updates, can I copy all those files to one card and let the system sort it all out? Axiom, new evolution wheel pilot and control, ST converter, existing AIS 650, existing HD radar. Or, does it need to be one at a time? Tnx
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Mark,

As indicated within the FAQ found here, the LightHouse II compressed software update folder for a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs and the LightHouse 3 compressed software update folder for Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs not only contains the software update .iso files for updating the system's MFDs, but also for updating the systems other Raymarine accessories which are designed to be updated by the system's Data Master MFD. Accordingly, and with few exceptions, one need simply download the latest LightHouse 3 software update compressed folder for Axiom MFDs and extract all of its contents to the root level directory of a microSD memory card to update all devices within the system which were designed to be updated by an Axiom MFD.

The AIS650 is designed to be updated via a SD memory card which is inserted into the AIS650's SD card reader (see the AIS650 software update instructions on the AIS650's software update web page).

Raymarine did not produce any end user software updates for the Digital or HD Digital Radomes. Over the manufacturing period of these radomes, design changes have necessitated corresponding software changes, which in turn are installed during the manufacturing or repair of the radome.
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