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Full Version: [LW11] i70s and Calibration Table
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How does the Advanced Speed Calibration compute between the Calibration Points set out in the Calibration Table?

Is the first Calibration Factor applied to all values from 0,0 to the first Uncal. Value set in the Table and so on, forming "horizontal steps" or is there some sort of smoothening/intrapolation between the various Calibration Points chosen?
Dear BengtN,

Thank you for your post.

It is calculated using a simple interpolation between 2 calibration points. The margin of offset/ error will be less than your display resolution.

Many Thanks
Dear Louise,

Thank you for the explanation.

Follow-on question;

How is intrapolation performed at Boat Speeds lower than the first Calibration Point?

Based on data logging of Boat Speed and Speed Over Ground I have experienced that up to 1,5 kts I need to apply the maximum possible Calibration Factor of 2,50. As speed increases the Calibration Factor needed is reduced to stabilize around 1,45 at 4 kts.

In my case, if I want as good data reliability as possible, should I have two Calibration Points, at boat speed 0,0 and boat speed 1,5 respectively, both with Calibration Factor 2,5 or will having just one at boat speed 1,5 yield the same result?

Best regards,

Dear Bengt,

Put one at 0 knots and one at 1.5 knots as you have mentioned in your post.

Many Thanks
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