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Full Version: [CA11] Upgrade to a new New autopilot
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I have a 1996 Beneteau 400. The Raymarine ST6000. Did wonderful just failed. Probably time to upgrade. Boat weight 25000 lbs. Which Autopilot should I upgrade to with budget less than $2000. Any suggestions ?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Beneteau 400,

Autopilot drive units for sailing vessels are typically based upon the weight of the vessel, which in turn dictates the remaining autopilot components. Typically, a Type 2 Hydraulic Linear Drive would be required for a sailboat of this weight. This drive unit would need to be paired with a T70161 EV-400 Sail.

Much of the cost of an autopilot is invested within its drive unit. What model of autopilot drive unit is presently installed onboard and is it operational or also in need of replacement. Should you be uncertain, then please take a photo of its identification plate/decal and then attach the photo to this thread to permit us to identify it.
Chuck, it looks that I have linear Drive ( it just says AutoHelm). What type would that be? Course computer type100 12v .see pictures . I am having issues uploading pictures. Sorry.

Chuck your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Beneteau 400,

Unfortunately, no photos of the drive unit or course computer have been attached to your last post. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to add attachments to a thread or post.

Just purchased a P70s . Learned today , that P70s is not compatible with type 100 course computer. Boat uses a ST6000.

Is it compatible with Z039/ 12v. 0850004 linear drive unit?

Your help is greatly appreciated

Hello Stephen,

That drive unit will work with the EV-200 autopilot. It is the equivalent of the Type 1 linear drive,

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