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Full Version: [CA11] Networking
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My present system consist from Autopilot, E97 and CP470. I both AXIOM and tried to connect it to system with main goal to share CP470. Unfortunately I was unable to networked everything. At the moment I split system so one one system I have Autopilot and E97 and other one is AXIOM and CP470. I am planning to purchase another AXIOM in order to have all hardware in network. Since my main goal is to share CP470, example. one screen Low frequency and another one High at the same time. Am I able to have this kind of configuration once I have both Axioms properly networked?
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When the second Axiom MFD is installed it will indeed be permissible to configure the fishfinder app of one MFD to display Low frequency sonar and for the other to simultaneously display high frequency sonar (assumes that a CHIRP LH transducer has been interfaced to the CP470).
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