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Full Version: [CA11] AIS 700 - Errors on power
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Hi Team,

After i recieved my new replacement 700, plugged it in and everything seemed to work fine on the chartplotter and i can see my AIS signals going out - so great. The i plug in to check settings via USB and notice a power error. Looking more closely, Volts show as 29.2V. Firstly the specs for this unit show 12-30v i believe so that should be ok, but the Unit shows error even though it behaves perfectly.

Then i noticed if i switched off the battery charge the bolts dropped as you would expect to around 25/26v and the error on the AIS unit goes away.

Sailing for the weekend and no issues at all.

I'm not overly concerned since i dont use AIS while on shorepower other than for testing but curious as to why this is showing up as an error?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Nick,

The primary purposes of the AIS700's USB interface is to program the AIS700's MMSI and static data, to update software, to reset the AIS700's MMSI, and to perform diagnostics via a properly configured computer. Interfacing the USB port of an AIS650 or AIS700 to a PC which is powered by an AC power source may result in damage to the marine electronics and/or computer. When using an appropriate adapter, isolation is provided to prevent damage to the marine electronics and/or computer. While the AIS700 may be powered via a PC's USB port for the purposes specified above, the AIS700 will not be supplied with sufficient power to transmit and should not be expected to transmit when powered in this manner.

Was you PC connected to an AC power supply when it was connected to the AIS700?
Hi Chuck

yes Laptop was connected to AC. Even when disconnected from the USB cable the red light remained on. I also had the regular DC power of approx 29Volts connected to the unit at the same time. When I turned of te battery charger for the DC supply, the volts dropped to 26/27 and the unit went back to a green state. I assumed it was seeing a voltage close to 30v and erroring on that - but I could also be wrong:)

Noted ... glad to learn that the issue resolved itself after having disconnected the AC power supply.
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