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Full Version: [CA11] AIS650 no lights
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Hi all.
I’ve just reinstalled my AIS650 after an MMSI updated and also antenna change. When it starts, amber lights is on, but then disappears and there’s no light at all... no red, no amber... neither green.. With the PROAIS2 all seems working properly, I see another boats, but I can’t find myself... any ideas?, please help..

It is recommended that the circuit supplying power to the AIS650 be switched OFF and that the PC be disconnected from the AIS650. The power circuit supplying power to the AIS650 should then be switched ON again. Should the AIS650's status LED respond in the same manner as you have stated then it would be recommended that the AIS650's Power/NMEA 0183 Cable be unplugged and tested for power. If the measured power is found to be within the operating range specified with the linked FAQ, then the AIS650 should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced or replaced with an AIS700.
Thanks Chuck.

Just did all what you said. All lights work except green. AIS seems not to transmit until I select a target to get info. Then all looks fine but I am unable to check if someone can see me... although everything sees to work fine. Please see attached picture.

Should the AIS650's Status LED be green, then it should be transmitting ... or it at least the AIS650 believes that it has satisfied all of the requirements for transmitting and has not been commanded into Silent Mode. You should not expect to see your own vessel's transmissions within the AIS650's diagnostics ... except for the counts within the Channel A and Channel B Transmissions ... which appear to indicate that the AIS650 is transmitting. It is recommended that a vessel equipped with an AIS receiver or transceiver within your marina or nearby be contacted to determine whether your vessel is appearing with their AIS target lists. If not, then it is recommended that you verify that the AIS650 has been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update, and if not (or should you not know), then its software should be updated accordingly. Should the AIS650 continue to appear that it is not transmitting, then it is recommended that it be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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