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Full Version: [CA11] ST1 to STNG Converter Fails WIth ST1 Connected
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I have the E22158 SeaTalk-to-SeaTalkNG converter. I plugged the two blue terminators into the end sockets. I have three ST60 instruments: wind, depth, and speed.

Case 1: I powered the device directly through one of the white STNG sockets with nothing else plugged in. I get a solid green light indicating STNG is healthy and ST1 is not connected.

Case 2: When I plug in any (or all) of the ST60 instruments with the power off and then turn on the power, I get a flashing green light with a 50% duty cycle indicating STNG is connected but not receiving data and ST1 is not connected.

Case 3: When I power up the device first and then plug in the ST60 instruments, I get four seconds of solid green followed by three short blinks indicating STNG is healthy and ST1 has no compatible device detected. The ST60s do power up but don't appear to be seen by the converter.

If instead of powering the device stand-alone, I connect it to an NMEA 2000 network through a STNG-to-N2K cable, the device shows up on the N2K network in Case 1 and Case 3, but no ST60s show up in Case 3.

Why doesn't the device seem to boot up properly when anything ST1 is connected?

Why don't the ST60 instruments show up in Case 3?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mark,

The reported symptom may be indicative of faulty SeaTalk communication circuitry within the ST60 instruments. It is quite possible for ST60 instruments to appear to be functioning correctly, but not be communicating between them. If any of these instruments is designed to display data from one of the other instruments or to enable modes dependent upon other instruments (ex. True wind is dependent upon detection of a source of Speed Through Water (STW) data), then it may indicate properly functioning communications circuitry within the dependent ST60 instruments. Should such communications be observed, then there may be a fault with the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter.

With regard to interfacing the ST-STng Converter to a NMEA 2000 network, please note that the ST-STng Converter must be installed as a backbone (not a spur) component. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how a backbone which has been constructed from SeaTalkng networking components may be interfaced to a backbone which has been constructed from third party NMEA 2000 networking components featuring DeviceNet sockets.
Thanks, Chuck. I'll see if I can determine whether the ST60s are communicating. I have an oscilloscope that will at least show if there is any activity on the bus.

You're welcome.
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