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Full Version: [CA11] Wind readings become incorrect after a few hours of sailing
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When I first set out sailing, on my Catalina 315, the wind data (wind direction and speed) appear to be correct. The wind instrument reads the same wind direction as the Windex on both the i60 and the e7 MFD.

After a few hours of sailing, the wind readings become incorrect. The readings can be as much as 180 degrees away from the actual wind direction and the wind speed reads as --- on the i60. I also notice that the same incorrect reading for wind direction will be the same on both the e7 MFD and the i60 wind display. When this happens, the wind instrument wind vane and the Windex, atop the mast, still point in the same direction.

I tried rebooting the everything on the network and the error persists. Thinking that a voltage drop might be responsible, I moved the battery selector to draw power from both batteries. The incorrect readings persisted. I started the engine to draw power off of the engine alternator and the incorrect readings still persisted.

The next time I take the boat out, the wind data again reads correctly. This has happened on several trips on my sailboat. I have attached a schematic of my boat's network.

I thank you for any help you can give.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Stephen,

It is recommended that the instrument and MFD be configured to display Apparent Wind rather than True Wind data and to determine whether the problem persists.
It persists when displaying apparent wind. This is usually how I keep it set.

Given the symptoms, our repair technician believes that the fault is most likely rooted within the masthead transducer. Accordingly, it is recommended that the masthead transducer be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
I appreciate your help. I will do as you recommend when I de-mast my boat in a year or so.

Thank you
You're welcome.
Hi Chuck. I have a similar problem, however it is intermittent, and corrects itself at some point, typically after I have re-calibrated.
I display in Apparent on the ST60, and every so often the Axiom (apparent wind on the compass rose on the sailing data page) and ST60 wind will both be in error by about 60-80 degrees from the masthead wind indicator. Reboots didn’t ever fix the problem, so now I immediately re-calibrate on the ST60. At some time down the track (hours or days) it corrects itself, and displays the error in the opposite direction. I then have to re-calibrate again. It doesn’t happen that often, but as a full time cruiser, it’s a pain.

Any thoughts please?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Adventurous,

As in Stephen's case, it would be recommended that the masthead transducer be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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