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Raymarine forum - [LW11] AIS targets further than 1nm only show for 10 seconds after MFD startup

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Full Version: [LW11] AIS targets further than 1nm only show for 10 seconds after MFD startup
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AIS 700
ES 128 and ES 78 MFDs
New Shakespeare Squatty Body antenna and all new coaxial cable
All connected via seatalk NG

My AIS 700 unit picks up targets out past 20nm. I can view the targets information in Pro AIS software but the targets further out than 1-2 nautical miles out do not get displayed on my MFDs after running for 10 seconds after startup of an MFD

Upon initial startup of my MFD, I can see all AIS targets, but after 10 seconds, all the targets further out than 1nm dissapear from the screen. This happens on my ES128 and ES78. If I restart one MFD, targets outside of 1nm are only visible for 10 sec on that MFD, and not on the other MFD that was not restarted.

Targets are still tracked, updated, and listed in Pro AIS software.

View All option is checked on MFDs and will display both dangerous and not dangerous targets within 1 mile.

I had assumed it was the AIS unit, but A raymarine tech just came and swapped out the unit.

VSWR is 1.3, voltage to system is over 13v. Any ideas? I'm in the Med and working our way towards Gibraltar to cross the Atlantic. AIS is an important option for me to have figured out.
Dear Jgw50,

Thank you for your post.

I am aware that you have discussed this issue with the US support team. Do update us with your findings and if you have any further queries.

Many Thanks
Turns out the old AIS unit was faulty, and the new unit just had too many targets in my location so it clipped to only the close targets.

After replacing the unit and getting in a less populated area it now works like a charm.

It is good to know that the MFD can o ly track and display so many targets. We have since transited the straight of Gibraltar and had the same clipping happen. Knowing what was going on, and only being concerned with the close targets helped.

BTW, having full functioning AIS is a fantastic addition to our whole system. Thanks to Raymarine for the support and having a tech willing to come out and replace the unit.

Thanks for the follow up. I'm glad to learn that the replacement AIS700 resolved the reported issue.
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