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Full Version: [CA11] st70 alarm issues
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when trying to set alarms on my st70 in a stng network the "alarm value" box does not appear.

any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum bucky,

With regard to alarms associated with depth, speed, temperature, and wind, alarms for these data items may only be configured on the device which is the data master for the corresponding type of data. For most devices, the data master will be the device to which the corresponding transducer has been directly mated to. Should an instrument be mated to an instrument pod or iTC-5 Analog Instrument Converter, then the ST70 may function as the data master for the corresponding type of data. What type of alarm are you seeking to configure and if is one associated with instrument data, what make/model of device has the transducer been directly mated to?
st 50 depth
shallow alarm

As indicated within my initial response, should the instrument depth transducer be interfaced to the ST50 Depth instrument, then any alarms associated with depth would likewise need to be set on the ST50 Depth instrument rather than on the ST70 MFID.
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