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Full Version: Incorrect AIS Vector?
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Hello, see attached photo for detail. I tuned on "AIS Vectors" on my e127 MFD. I would have thought that AIS vectors would show the direction of the vessel. However it appears to be showing the track. Is this correct? If so, is there a way to get it to show the AIS heading? As with the third party products it shows the heading and possible point of intersect which is very helpful to plan in avoiding a collision.

When Target Vectors (MENU->AIS->COLLISION AVOIDANCE->TARGET VECTORS) are configured to Relative, these vectors will be reflect the relative motion of one's own vessel. Note the orientation of the AIS icon (aligned to COG to denote the true direction of its motion over ground) and its vector. If the AIS target and one's own boat are on approximately the same heading and the AIS targets boat speed is less than one’s own boat speed, then the vector's direction will appear approximately the reciprocal of the target's COG. This is the same behavior (i.e. the vectors will be relative) which should be expected for MARPA targets when configured for Relative Target Vectors. Configuring this setting to True will instead cause the target's true vector to be rendered.
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